About Us

Thank you for letting us share ourselves, our history and our vision.

We started {yep yup} in 1998 to solve a simple problem. Where do you put the kitty’s pooper scooper? We designed a Kitty Scooper Caddy to hold the scooper and help keep you kitty’s area more organized.
As our pet family grew, so did our pet clutter. We now had another problem to solve. How do you bridge the gap between your pet’s needs and your home décor?

With over 20 years of design and product development experience, we were uniquely qualified to take on the task. We took our passion for design and our passion for animals and designed pet products around the home bringing a sophisticated fashion approach to each product.

We’ve designed a complete collection, from the collar and leash, to the bed, bowl, even the throws and pillows on the sofa. Every item in a collection is designed to you’re your pet to complement your home decor.

Our design inspirations come from everyday experiences and from our travels around the world. Every product, every design, every decision is made to bring joy to your pet family and beauty to your home.

We are so proud of the result and excited to continue to expand our designer product lines and smart products to organize your pet lives.


Sepi & Gerardo

Sepi has over 15 years experience in design. Her creativity can be seen in Yep Yup’s designs as she immerses herself into each design decision; fabric choices and color combinations. The results show that she has found a place where her talents and passions are realized.

Gerardo has spent 20 years in product development for companies including Nokia, as well as the Director of Packaging at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. He is a determined visionary who is excited to bring technology and modern resources to organize pet families and enhance the lives of their pets.